AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans
PAX: Run Flat, Szczerbiak, OneHit, Doogie, FreeBird, Pooh, Spackler, Maestro, Buick, SEC, Tater Salad, Mr. Fixit, Brutus, Mr. Beast, @Bozo, @Zelda, @knockahoma
FNGs: None
Quick disclaimer and warm up
Trunk rotations x 5 ic each side
SSH x 37 ic
Morrocan night clubs x 10 ic

Burpee broad jump mile
but stopped at .25ish

5 rounds of
5 finger tip merkins
bearcrawl down the hill
5 clap merkin
crawlbear up the hill

to the track for a Bojangles biscuit
then we circled up for the wave zebra kick style for a round or 10.

Mosey to the pull up bars and break into teams of 3
P1 – 5 burpees into a pullup
P2 & 3 wheelbarrow race to goal post

flap jack until all 3 partners have done pull ups

Mosey to another hill
clock merkins x 3 at 12 3 6 and 9
run down the hill and do 12 star jacks
run backwards back up the hill
rinse and repeat for 4 rounds

mosey back to pull up bar for 10 pull ups
PAX did well so the reward was duck duck goose in lieu of Mary

Mosey to flag

Maestro 6 man – thank you
Prayers for many men traveling and for Mr. Fix It’s transition