AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Micro
PAX: Dill (Blake Cannady), Dirty Dawg, Michael Smallwood(Bull), Micro, Ross (Night Light) Cargle, SAG
FNGs: None
WARMUP: stretches (10-IC) bear hugs, big arm circles, back scratchers
THE THANG: 8 sets of 8 w/coupon curl, high pull, overhead press, tricep extension, Halos, push pulls, bent over row, urkin. Recover- Bear hug stretch repeat 4x. Circle of pain high plank alternating shoulder tap 3x
MARY: Gas Pump 20-IC, LBC 30-OYO, WW1 sit-ups 15-IC, flutter locks, 10- IC, alternating heel taps 10-IC, low plank 90sec
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friday Pop-up run at Academy, reminder that Colony is still an active AO on Fridays, Sunday resurrection run at big house 6am, April 29th run, may 6th runs