AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Downy
PAX: Maestro, OneHit, Myrtle, Spackler, Brutus, Fun Run, Downy, Buick, Hozer, 0
FNGs: 1 0

WARMUP: welcome, disclaimer, 5 Core Principles. Mission Statement & Credo

Willie Mays Hays
Daisy Pickers
Monkey Humper
Calf stretch
Hillbillies (x20)
Bear Hug
Little arm circles (r)
Moroccan Night Clubs
Merkins (x50 OYO)
Copperhead Squats (x20 IC)


Walk Crab up Bertha
10 burpees

Crab Walk down Bertha
50 mountain climbers (easy way)

Bear crawl up
20 Big Boi Situps

Crawl Bear down
Diamond merkins (x30)


15 pullups
10 step ups (easy way)
Immediately followed by 25 calf raises

Rinse and repeat
Mosey back for Mary

Leg Raise IC
Seated Leg Raise IC
LBC left
LBC right
American Hammer

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence this Friday – BBQ at 6:30 @Maestro. Saturday morning festivities starting 5:30, and concluding with pancake breakfast fundraiser. Murph this Memorial Day – train hard!
COT: Prayers for all of the PAX on the road and traveling for various activities. prayers for One Hit and the men of Crossroads as they grow, lead, and hold one another accountable.