AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Duke
PAX: Maestro, Scooter, Greyhound, Micro, Duke
FNGs: None


Welcome, 5 Core Principles, Credo, Disclaimer, Mission Statement


It’s important to watch our backs, but also to watch out for the FRONT:

Fairy Jacks 10 IC
Rochamjacks 10 rounds (winner does a SSH, loser does a plank jack)
Overhead Claps 10 IC
Nolan Ryans 10 (hard way)
T Merkins 10 OYO


Everyone knows that the PAX has our BACKS:

Bat Wings (20 BAC forward, 20 BAC backward, 20 seal claps, 20 overhead claps)
Apple Turnover through the parking lot (every 3 parking spaces)
Circle of Pain (PAX Choice-shoulder tap merkins from Micro-5 each PAX)
King of Hearts (forward suicides for 10 parking spaces, backward suicides for the 10 following)
Seal Jacks 10 OYO

4 Corners Escalator

1st Round:

1st Corner: 10 Supines (situp until you touch your toes)
2nd Corner 10 Supines + 20 Snuffys
3rd Corner 10 Supines + 20 Snuffys + 30 SSH
4th Corner 10 Supines + 20 Snuffys + 30 SSH + 40 squats

2nd Round:

1st Corner 40 supines + 30 Snuffys + 20 SSH + 10 squats
2nd Corner 30 Snuffys + 20 SSH + 10 squats
3rd Corner 20 SSH + 10 squats
4th Corner 10 squats


Don’t forget to check your SIDE:

Side to Side Heel Touches 20 OYO
In the Air Tonight (1 minute)
Diamond Merkins 20 OYO
E2Ks 20 IC


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.✅

Announcements – Convergence at Red Dawn May 13. Century Race at Dauset Trails (Debris) on April 1, t-shirt orders (do it today!)

Prayer/Praise – Guys heading to Grow Ruck in DC, SoCrates’ dad (pain management), Monte’s M (broken ankle)

Pledge it Out.

Pray it Out.