AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Fun Run , OneHit, French Lick
PAX: French Lick, OneHit, Fun Run
FNGs: None

Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo
Willie Mays Hayes
Daisy Pickers
Bear Hugs


25 Merkins
400M run (slick)
15 Werkins
100M Run
25 Diamond Merkins (slick)
100M Run back to ruck
25 Merkins
200M Run
25 Mike Tyson’s (slick)
200M Run
Bernie Sanders 100M
25 Merkins
50M Lunge Walk
50M Bear Crawl
20 Mike Tysons
200M Run (slick)
25 Diamond Merkins (slick)
100M Bernie Sanders (slick)
25 Werkins (slick)
100M Sprint (slick)
YHC passed the Q baton to One Hit
200M Ruck Shuffle
10s (10 reps each of curls, presses, ruck swings and bent over rows)
Head to then flag where we decided to go for extra innings…
10s again
Mosey to speed bump and back
12s with same exercises
Mosey to speed bump and back
One Hit passed the Q to French Lick for Mary

Overhead Ruck Seated Flutter Kicks
Seated Gas Pumps
High Plank
Freddie Mercuries
Seated Flutter Kicks
High Plank
Heels to Heaven

COT: Since we all Q’d today and we were out of time before the ruck we decided to all pray together and each pray for something. We covered safety for all pax on the ruckmas this morning, Ratatouille and his M with their new baby that was born last night, thankfulness for each other, being a light to our community and this world and keeping the main thing the main thing.