AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Maestro
PAX: OneHit, Steven DeGeorge, Capsize, FreeBird, Turnbuckle, GPS, Brutus, Tater Salad, Walt Mays F3 Tattnall, Maestro, Blue Bird, Beaver
FNGs: None

Grap two mini coupons hold in hands for rest of the beatdown

bear hugs
50 merkins
Seal claps ic 20

and mosey to the retail shop

Once there

Annie’s ic 20
Shoulder taps ic 20
Merkins 50 oyo

11’s with mosey from curb to curb with coupons
Mike Tyson’s
Seal jacks

Shoulder blasters with coupons
Big arm circles

Merkins 50
Diamond merkins 20
Werkins 20

MARY:  with coupons in hand:
Freddie Mercury ic 20
Heal touch ic 20
Overhead flutter kicks ic 20
Box cutter ic 20
Scissors ic 20


COT:beaver was our 6th man thank you for sharing

Prayer for Kylie
Prayer for gps
Good to see tatnall out there this morning