AO: ao-gateway
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: J Stroke, FreeBird, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Flowmax, Mr. Fixit, Myrtle, Carolina Lean, Tetanus, OneHit, Szczerbiak, Skidder, SEC
FNGs: None
Disclaimer – today I am especially not responsible; 5 Core; Mission; Credo

Bear Hug – 15 IC
Willie Mays Hays – 15 IC
Big Arm Circles – 10 IC each way
Then I called on your DJ for the morning; none other than the site Q Gruel:
Danger Zone – SSH entire song except when you hear danger zone do a squat
Thunderstruck – hold plank for entire song but when you hear thunder, do a merkin
Sprint up the hill and a brief mosey to the main event

When we came around the corner of Taco Bell the Pax were greeted with an area of the parking lot roped off with caution tape so no cars could come through for the next 35 minutes
—— 2 sets of cones were placed 15 yards apart on a slight incline or decline depending on which way you were headed

9’s – 9 burpees at 1st set of cones, bear crawl down hill to 2nd set of cones, 8 burpees there, crawl bear up hill back to starting cones and 7 burpees there. So on and so forth down to 1 burpee

Next we lunged from 1st set of cones down to 2nd set and then sprinted back up to starting cones(3 times)

Then back to 9’s – this time it was No Cheat Merkins; 9 at 1st set of cones, crab walk forward down to 2nd set of cones, 8 No Cheat Merkins; crab walk backwards up the hill back to original cones for 7 No Cheat Merkins. Rinse and repeat down to the last No Cheat Merkin

Then we lunged from 1st set of cones down to 2nd set and sprinted back up the hill(3 times)

Pax helped me clean up the cones and take down the caution tape. It’s like we were never even there. Like a fart in the wind(speaking of that, where was Scooter????)

American Hammer – 25 IC
Devil out of the Pan – 1 min hold

One Hit leading mental WOD this Sat Red Dawn 7 AM
Marathon Relay this Sunday 4:30 AM Red Dawn
Travis Manion WOD 4/27 Red Dawn 7 AM
4 X 48 Memorial Day weekend followed by The Murph

Flomax – thanks for sharing brother and for being there(glad to have you back for the time being)

One Hit – Huffy missed state in discus by one place and is disappointed as to be expected
SEC – possibly taking on more responsibility outside of work and facing decisions regarding that
Gruel – can’t really remember the prayer here but thank you for sharing
Mr. Fixit – we prayed for Chuckie. I hope you read this and know that we love you and miss you brother