AO: ao-the-pantheon
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Spackler, Schrute, Fez, Peaches, Chiccarrones, Lobos, Doogie, Dangerfield, Papa Roach, Shooter, Run Flat
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and Credo were all given in record time to ensure we had as much time as possible to do work!

SSH x30 IC
No Cheat Merkins x10 OYO
Hillbillies x10 IC
Deep Squats x10 OYO

Once upon a time, the HIM of AO Pantheon gathered at the crack of dawn, ready to tackle the day with a legendary workout routine. The air was crisp, the birds were not chirping, but the muscles were about to be sore.

Evolution 1: Burp Back Mountain
Partners paired up like mismatched socks; one was always running up the hill, the other stuck doing burpees. It was a sight to behold: a symphony of groans and gasps, with the occasional “I thought this was a maintenance workout” muttered under breath. The hill nicknamed “Mount Everest’s little cousin,” was a beast that only the bravest dared to conquer.

As Partner 1 sprinted up the hill, their legs burning with the fire of a thousand suns, Partner 2 was on the ground, jumping up and down like a jack-in-the-box with a vendetta. They flap-jacked back and forth until they reached the magic number of 100 burpees. The plank at the end was less of a rest and more of a silent agreement that they’d all survived.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Oh no, YHC, ever the sadist, decided the hill hadn’t been loved enough. So, the crab walk and bear crawl combo was introduced.

Evolution 2: Hills and Crabs and Bears OH MY!
It was like watching a nature documentary gone wrong: crabs scuttling uphill, bears lumbering down, and the occasional sprinter looking to run away, but looked more like a startled gazelle.

Evolution 3: Bernie 1, 2, 3
This was where things got… interesting. The goal was simple: 100 No Cheat Merkins, 200 Butterfly Sit-ups, and 300 Squats. But as they say, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. The Merkins were less “no cheat” and more “no choice but to cheat,” and the Butterfly Sit-ups had everyone flapping like wounded birds. One can only imagine the Squats turning into a wobbly dance that would have made Bernie Lomax proud to witness.

Time was cruel, and before the pax knew it, they had barely fluttered through 100 sit-ups. It was time to catch Mary for an elusive final ending. The pax of the Pantheon welcomed her with open arms and aching abs, doing Butterfly Sit-ups until the clock struck 0600, signaling the end of their morning saga.
As they limped away from the battlefield, they knew they’d tell tales of this morning for years to come. Tales of bravery, of camaraderie, and of that one time they all agreed (or maybe tricked) to do something so utterly ridiculous, it just had to be fun.

And they all lived sorely ever after.

The end.

Get on Slack!

Several Pax shared this morning, and it was great to hear everyone opening up. Shared pain builds trust.

Prayers for continued blessings for Shooter and his family
Prayers for all the Men and families represented this morning.