AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Capsize
PAX: Boucher, Blues Traveler, Q-Tip, Chaps, T-Zo (Pat Day), Capsize, The Hoff TI
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Back stretch, Willie Mays Hays, imperial walkers, SSH, late penalty burpees
THE THANG: Inch worm to fountain, swirley going left to right and back again
Moseyed to Flathead Holler for 3 rounds of Bernie Burps a bear with 5 burpees, holding squat for the 6th
Moseyed to coupons for
– 20 irkins
– 15 binoculars
C.O.P dips for 10 rounds
Rinse and repeat
Moseyed to campus where we racoon walked wall about 15 yards
Dismounted and found turf area where we did
– 15 4 count IC Vup roll ups
-10 each side Vup side ups
25 American hammers the hard way
Racoon wall another 10 yards on an incline
Dismount back to turf area
Rinse and repeat
Moseyed back to coupons
– round irkins
C.O.P dips 10 each and hold
Moseyed back to Mary
MARY: By committee, Chaps crunchy frog, T-Zo- Freddy mercury
Boucher- flutter kick, TI said Psalm 23 in plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: convergence!!
COT: talked about spiritual violence, prayed for our families