AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Buick
PAX: Fun Run, OneHit, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), FreeBird, GPS, Szczerbiak, Brutus, Buick, Lipitor, Mr. Fixit, Myrtle, Spackler, Turnbuckle
FNGs: None
WARMUP: disclaimer

THE THANG: Zebra kicks 25 oyo
Ruck on –
Squats – 25 oyo
Merkins – 25 oyo
Ruck off –
Squat thrusters – 25 oyo
5 core – fun run
Mission – Spackler
Credo – one hit – thank you guys for the breather…
Man makers – 5 oyo
Man makers – 5 oyo
Man makers – 5 oyo
Merkins – 25 oyo
Mosey for a tad bit more than usual. This was done to give some hope but as we returned to what was called a “beautiful site” of rucks and coupons in a circle we continued
Man makers – 5 oyo
Man makers – 5 oyo
Man makers – 5 oyo
Merkins – 25 oyo
Mosey for a bit and returned to the site only to mosey past the rucks and coupons and head towards the road and up and end at the bottom of our fav hill to Bernie and Bernie we did…

Plank jacks at the bottom 25
Bernie to the top
Burpee 15
Mosey to the bottom
Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds. One faithful got all 5 complete that Yhc is aware of while the rest made a valiant effort so we could get back our girl Mary only to realize she was waiting with more…

MARY: burpees 5 oyo
Burpees 5 oyo
Box cutter 25 ic
Plank till 6 am

ANNOUNCEMENTS: check slack – Friday is the last day to sign up for bbq at @maestro’s house.

COT: @turnbuckle shared about a tough part of the curriculum that the guys at crossroads are entering in to as they begin to peel back some layers. Yhc gave a vulnerable testimony that peeling back the layers can be difficult but Jesus is faithful to restore and can bring about resolution
Fun run on the road with family today


Thank you men for working so hard!