AO: ao-wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day)
PAX: T-Zo (Pat Day), Capsize, Jeter, Gamgee
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: disclaimer! Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself
WARMUP: SSH, bear hug, trunk rotations, copperhead squat, 5 burpees
THE THANG: mosey to coupons

1 pax TP rollup (roll a brick on a rope once each way)
Rest of pax plank a round then 6 inch hold
Go round the circle twice

Grab a block (light posts about 20m apart)
Murder Bunny to next light post
25 overhead press
Southern curl to next light post
25 curls
Repeato 3x
Lunge walk w/ coupon to light post
15 squat
Repeato 3x
Cusack to light post
15 squat
Repeato 3x

40 yd sprints x 5
MARY: 20 American hammer, 20 crunchy frog, 20 LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cookout at Cross roads this Thursday followed by daybreak campfire and sleep out
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: tzo – last big work week & moving stress, capsize taking Christian to visit Georgia Southern, Gamgee parents’ health and ability to work, Jeter traveling this weekend to see 1 yr old granddaughter