AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Dill
PAX: Tonka, Slowpoke, Palladean, Dill, Mitchell Thompson
FNGs: None
Welcome, I’m Dill, the substitute Q this morning. The Q on the docket wasn’t feeling well and asked if I would pick up the 6?! The only answer was yes because that’s what we do!! So, I have no plan but the exercises that pop in my head will probably suck and you are welcome to do them, modify or just watch as I push myself and hopefully you this morning.
5 core was stated.

Bear hug, BAC, seal claps, overhead claps, daisy picker, calf stretch, derricks

I don’t remember how many we did IC because counting and trying to think of the next exercise is challenging.

Mosey down Ralph’s ridge to give myself time to think what was next.


All that came to mind was the lyrics to the song I was listening to on the ride over. BOMBS over Baghdad by Outkast. So men, we are going to do B.O.M.B.S but with a twist. It will be OYO but we will stay together when moseying to the next exercise in the word.

Mosey to back of the gym for Balls to the Wall 30 merkins with our feet on the wall and genitals on the wall.

Mosey to Junior lot

Overhead clap squats 60 OYO

Recovery exercise 10 Chinooks

Stayed put for M and B
9 rounds of 10 Merkins mosey across lot for 10 Big Boy Sit-ups
Total of 90 for each exercise

Q and Pax were pretty worn out after and the mumble chatter started what in the world are we going to do for S and 120 reps. There guess was as good as mine at that point.

COP Hold squat for 60 seconds, last 15 seconds in a deep squat

Mosey to front of school.

6 rounds of SSH Suicides

Mosey to first speed bump 10 SSH mosey back and touch line mosey to far speed bump for 10 SSH mosey back to start. No SSH at starting point.

120 Reps of SSH were done. Bad news we got 14 minutes before Mary.

COP 10 Monkey Humpers starting to my left.

We are going to do BOMBS on the way back to shovel flag but PAX choice on exercises but can’t be what was already done.

B-Bonnie Blair 10 (Hard way)
O-Outlaws 10 each way
M-Mike Tysons 10
B-Burpees was mentioned but of course I was freed to lead and called for BDE burpees because no one knew what it was. They wish they didn’t afterwards 🤠
S-Shoulder Taps (Hard way)

MARY: Hello Dolly, Flutter kick, butterfly sit-ups, E2K
ANNOUNCEMENTS: All night Ruck June 2nd
COT: Tonka- Brother in law, Palladean Niece- Baby, Slowpoke- Wife out of town, has a busy week with kids.