AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Michael Smallwood(Bull)
PAX: Dill (Blake Cannady), SAG, Duke, Ross (Night Light) Cargle, Tonka, Michael Smallwood(Bull)
FNGs: None
Imperial Walk IC
Copperhead Squats IC
Squat Thrusts OYO
Merkins OYO
Plank Jacks OYO
Mosey up to the lighted lot
4 corners, 11’s style. Pax did a deconstructed 8 count body builder
1st corner was squat
Mosey to next corner
2nd corner was squat thrust
Mosey to next corner
3rd corner was merkin
Mosey to next corner
4 corner was plank Jack
Rinse repeat 10 times adding one rep to each corner until you have reached 11 reps.
After 4 corners Pax began exploring with Dora. Pax divided up into pairs and as pairs they each were to complete:
100 mountain climbers
200 Overhead clap
300 SSH
400 LBC

Pax choice exercises
Night Light- Freddie Mercuries
Tonka- Heels to Heaven
Duke- V ups
Sag- Flutter Kicks
Dill- Protractors
Bull- plank to 6
Ruck Challenge
Mental WOD
Easter run at the Big House
Creed 3 is pretty good

Praise for Debris doing the impossible. Praise for the men of F3 that supported him. Prayers for those traveling this week.