AO: ao-gateway
Q: Scooter
PAX: OneHit, Run Flat, Carolina Lean, Skidder, Beaver, Myrtle, Scooter, Freon
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, 5-core principles, mission statement, and credo.
Bear Hugs x10
Big Arm Circles Forward x10
Big Arm Circle Reverse x10
Chinook Brutus Style x10
Mosey 1 lap around parking lot

21’s w/ coupon
shoulder tap irkin x1
cusack or front carrier coupon cross parking area
squat thrusters w/ coupon x20
cusack or front carrier coupon back cross parking area
rinse and repeat

disruption -for parking lot mosey

began 21’s again for a few more rounds

disruption -for parking lot mosey to tire shop hill

Brief discuss of possible names for this area (stealbelt hill, rotor hill)

craw bear up
Krakin burpees x5
bear craw down

mosey back to flag

very short
low plank to high plank to one arm low plank left arm to low plank right arm

Mr. Fixit Coat drive-coats may be left at About Face
Beaver Fish fry this Saturday
Savannah Bridge Run- 12-2-23
Other mumble chat that cannot posted but YHC will share through private inquiry

Freon’s M going to Ohio for 3 months to work
-expect Freon to post more w/ less LOVEsacking going on
One Hit’s M traveling this weekend
Carolina Lean has much mechanical work to complete
-YHC offered to help today and hold a flashlight for Carolina if it would be helpful
PAX traveling to Nepal

Pledged it out