AO: ao-downrange
Q: Buzzard
PAX: Buzzard
FNGs: None
AO: Foxhole (Forsyth, GA)
Disclaimer not responsible
Credo- leave no man behind leave no man where you found him
5 core principles:
rain or shine
Open to all men
Free of charge
Peer lead
Ends in COT
Warm up:

Willy mays Hays 11 IC
Big arm circles forward 11 IC
Big arm circles backwards 10 IC
Daisy pickers 11 ic
Circle of pain start to right with 5 burpees everyone else does mountain climbers because we had a big crowd we did it in groups of 2
Mosey to the parking lot
Lunges across parking lot and back
Bear crawl across parking lot and crawl bear back (second to go)
50 merkins (third to go)
25 Bonnie Blair’s the hard way (first to go)
25 side planks each side (fourth to go)
1 lap around 2 lots
Take one away… we had Lunges and a lap as the last 2 standing
Total count:
25 Bonnie Blair’s the hard way
2 sets of bear crawl and crawl bear
150 merkins
100 side planks the hard way
5 sets of lunges across parking lot
5 laps around the 2 parking lots
Mosey to bottom of Ralph’s ridge
Pre blast said we are going to be better today than yesterday and this is where that happens
10 burpees OYO
Bernie up Ralph’s ridge
She went home
August 5th 2f event
August 19th Maynard baptist church CPR training cost 20.00
We went over the schedule so new guys would know what they can do
Asked for people to sign up for Q
I think is trying to make sure I don’t sign up again:man-shrugging::skin-tone-2:
Prayer requests:
Mater surgery
Auto father in law
Moo moo
Auto and family
Pledge and pray