AO: ao-yard
Q: Fun Run
PAX: Gaylord, Ratatouille, Buick, Maestro, Rambler, Piggyback, Downy, Fun Run, Altar Boy
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Gaylord started to welcome everyone at 0515 and tell them he’d be the Q for today. YHC felt the undeniable urge to interrupt and tell the pax he was hijacking this Q and The Yard for the day. When he asked if everybody knew why he was hijacking the Q, he heard a resounding “because Stone Cold says so!”. About that time a car with a mother pax driving went past the entrance and slammer on breaks. I think they heard Stone Cold mentioned because they threw it in reverse on Northside and came to join us. Turns out it was a chatty Cathy pax who was down range. Then YHC told all pax to start their engines or watches (except for Maestro). He gave the required disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement and Credo. (See video for documentation)

WARMUP: Slaughter Starter (25 burpees) so we could get that heart rate elevated and start burning some calories. Then we moseyed to the carpool loop

THE THANG: Burpee Death Spiral-Pax had to mosey a lap around the loop and do 3 burpees and repeat. We increased our number of burpees by one each time. With each lap pax became increasingly dizzy from the spiral wondering why we are here and what color nail polish Skidder might be getting right about now. Ramblers moans were loud enough to get a few noise complaints or at least make a rooster blush. I believe most pax got up to the round with 12 or 13 burpees. Then it was time to mosey to the basketball court for our next evolution.

4 Corners-Pax had 10 Mike Tyson’s at one corner, 15 HR merkins at the next, 20 Bonnie Blairs at the next, 25 flutter kicks at the last. Bonnie Blairs and flutter kicks were the hard way (because Stone Cold says so). We moseyed in between each station. Pax were encouraged to hustle in transition between exercises to running to keep HR up. Downy bent a toe nail
Back during Bonnie Blairs and contemplated switching AOs so he could get his nail seen about. We rinsed and repeated until it was time for Mary.

Flutter Kicks IC X 26
6” for time
Freddie Mercurys IC X 15
Plank Party
Tempo Merkins X 10
Altar Boy really picked up the mumble chatter during Mary. YHC hasn’t heard anybody talk that much since 3rd grade Sunday school but it was good to take our minds off the exercises and we’re glad he was able to join us.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4X4X48, May-sonic run on May 11th

COT – 6TH MAN: Buick shared a praise about a good conversation with his 2.0

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Maestro shared a good word about finding the opportunities in bad situations, Ratatouille and his race this weekend, Barnes family with the loss of their father, safe travels for our brother Altar Boy when he heads back home