AO: ao-yard
Q: Mr. Beast
PAX: Abacus, FreeBird, Mr. Beast, SEC, Spackler
FNGs: None
Preamble and disclaimer
5 core, mission statement, credo

Bear hug 10 IC
Big arm circles F/R 10 IC
Chinook 10 IC
Don Quixote 10 IC
Daisy picker 10 IC
Imperial walker 10 IC

The PAX were led through the gloom across war torn terrain and the empty shell of a building filled with piles of rubble. A light appeared in the distance; a massive structure resembling a ski lodge with stacked stone facade and a soaring covered entryway supported by stone pillars and timbers.

On the front walk between stone and timber pillars and neatly laid Bermuda sod sat a naval battle grid, 9×9 with rows labeled A-I and columns 1-9.

The PAX were briefed that somewhere within the grid were hidden 5 enemy ships.

Destroyer – takes 2 hits to sink
Cruiser – 3 hits
Sub – 3 hits
Battleship – 4 hits
Carrier – 5 hits

The PAX would pick a space on the grid in turn to fire a missile. If they score a hit, they will execute a prescribed exercise and the number of reps corresponds to the number column on the grid.

Destroyer – hill sprints
Cruiser – Mickey Mouse merkins
Sub – BDE Merkins
Battleship – howling monkeys
Carrier – Bolt 45s

A missed shot results in burpees, count also corresponding to the column number.

In 40 minutes the PAX managed to sink 3 of 5 enemy ships and land hits on the remaining two. The enemy was three hits away from defeat when time ran out.

Great effort by all. We live to fight another day.

122 burpees total.

Toe touch 10 IC

DDay WODs at the Hammer this month.
1776 games incoming

Spackler heading to Illinois this weekend, still processing son living 8 hrs away.
SEC wisdom and patience
Freebird’s daughter away at camp.
Abacus asks for prayer that his father in law would desire a relationship with Jesus.