AO: Ao-Downrange
Q: Spackler
PAX: Brutus, Buick, Myrtle, Pooh, Sloppy Joe, Spackler, Tater Salad, Toll House (F3 AlbanyGA), @Zatarains, Hand Bells, Hand Bells
FNGs: 1 Hand Bells
WARMUP: It was a beautiful crisp morning with about 100% humidity (Bewyak even brought his swimming trunks) as we circled around the flag for this pop up ruck. We had a new face and a visitor from Albany! Went over the disclaimer, 5 core, mission statement and the Credio.

THE THANG: We started from the parking lot and ventured through the woods and followed the trail up to North Macon park. I tried to clear all the spider webs as the lead trail boss. Everyone seemed in good spirits and we had some good mumble chatter. I was able to introduce Angry Karen (this route’s version of Bertha) to the gang and managed to keep most of the ruck going up hill. You are welcome!

MARY: Nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1776 games on Tuesday at Red Dawn at 7a. Tollhouse told us about the Albany F3 launch on 7/8. Roll Tide will co-Q that, so try to make it down if you can.

COT: Payers for Zatarain’s mother- just had surgery. A lot of people traveling for the holiday so travel mercies. Prayers for Jiffy as he is hopefully welcoming his new baby and for Fun Run as their baby is also coming soon.