AO Streakers at Valhalla – 12/4/2022

6PAX0FNGSQ: DownyPAX: Downy, Maestro, Aunt Bea, Scooter, Geppetto, Fun RunINTRO:WARM-O-RAMA:THE THANG:Runny Run Approx. 4.5 miles (two outside laps)MARY:COT:Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.Announcements - Prayer/Praise -

AO Red Dawn – Boot Camp – 12/3/2022

9PAX0FNGSQ: Mr. FixitPAX: Mr. Fixit, Maestro, Pooh, Bewyak, Run Flat, Tater, Downy, GPS, Spackler(respect)INTRO:WARM-O-RAMA:SSH - 25 ICTrunk Rotation - 10 IC each wayFinkle Kick - 10 IC each legMerkin - 25 ICMountain Climber - 20 ICBig Arm Circles - 10 IC each wayGrady Corn - 20 ICTHE THANG:The No Mercy Mile was back this morning4 laps25 Squats going into a curveBear crawl half the curveLunge the other half25 Merkins coming out of the curveAnd jog the straightaways MARY:No...

AO Ruckers at Red Dawn – 12/3/2022

3PAX0FNGSQ: Maestro PAX: Maestro, Scooter, Spackler INTRO:took free birds example and claimed despite my appearance I’m not a professionalWARM-O-RAMA:nada THE THANG:2.5 mile ruck baby Good convo this morning MARY:COT:Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.Announcements - Prayer/Praise - prayed for leadership and outreach to our families

AO The Wilderness – 12/3/2022

8PAX0FNGSQ: Moon DolphinPAX: Moon Dolphin, Mountain Mama, Weezer, Messy, Firefly, See Food, Cub, TI, INTRO:Leg stretch WARM-O-RAMA:Big arm circles, bear huggers, daisy pickers THE THANG:Thunderstruck- plank w/merkins on “thunder”Jumpin Jack Flash-side straddle hops w/squat jack on “gas”Bare Necessities-Bear hold circle of pain with bear crawls around the circle Rocky theme song-Moseyin Proud Mary-BbSu, gas pumps, flutter kicksTubthumpin- inchworm, chorus hand up merkinsJust the two of us-...

AO The Scrape – 12/3/2022

5PAX0FNGSQ: ERPAX: Cousin Eddie, Dill, ER, Run Flat,First WR pop up ruck at Ted Wright Park. Disclaimer & Core PrinciplesRucked 2.98 - 3.21 depending on GPS. YHC failed to start his Garmin on time. I’ll do burpees to make up for my error. COTPrayed for Safety Dill race and travel, F3 in Macon/WR as we strive reach more men and develop relationships for acceleration in all parts of life.

AO About Face – 12/2/2022

10PAX0FNGSQ: GpsPAX: Sub, Run Flat, Bag Pipe, Scooter, Spackler, Myrtle, One Hit, Hozer, Scope Down, Gps,Nice and brisk ruck this morning!COT:Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.Announcements - Loop events - vollenteer for Mercy Me concert, Prayer/Praise - One Hit family vacation safety and relaxation, Run Flat - patience, unity, wisdom and grace for business staff.

AO Streakers at The Colony – 12/2/2022

14PAX3FNGSQ: Dirty DawgPAX: BufordCadillac (FNG)DillDirty DawgDukeLeonidasMaestroMr FixitOne Call (FNG)PalladeanRalphSmack (FNG)SnoozeTour Guide (Renamed)INTRO: Dill welcomed everyone w disclaimer: F3 not responsible, Dill not responsible, to Dirty Dawg... yep, not responsible. With this Dill introduced & handed it over to the new AO The Colony Q, Dirty Dawg. Modify as you see necessary dependent on mileage you're comfortable running.WARM-O-RAMA: Discussed route options & easing into the new...

AO The Wilderness – 12/1/2022

8PAX0FNGSQ: ChapsPAX: Capsize, Chaps, Cub, Geppetto, Sapling, TI, Twang, WeezerINTRO: Welcome Welcome Welcome to the inaugural Thursday Ruck at the Wilderness. Folks trickled in. Weight was passed around and loaned. Chaps said he wasn't a professional and told everyone togo take a hike!WARM-O-RAMA:Walking Slow-ish to start?THE THANG:Rucked 2.16 miles around the Beall's Hill Neighborhood. Detoured a bit soCub could open the door for the exterminator. Passed by Boucher's house and thought about...

AO The Yard – 12/1/2022

13PAX0FNGSQ: Roll TidePAX: Buick, Sand Castle, Downy, Free Bird, One Hit, Tater, Run Flat, Spackler (R), Mrytle (RR), Sherlock, Fun Run, Mr. Fix It, Roll TideQuick intro and then: Daisy Pickers x 10 ic Hillbilly x 7 ic Straight into the work...25 Days till Christmas 1 - BDE Burpee 2 - Fingertip merkins 3 - bonnie blairs the hard way 4 - crab jacks 5 - ranger merkins 6 - ballerina Squats 7 - Smurf Jacks 8 - Werkins 9 - Box Cutters 10 - Zebra Kicks 11 - Monkey Humpers 12 - Alligator merkins 13 -...

AO Fox Hole – 12/1/2022

15PAX1FNGSQ: DukePAX: Dirty Dawg, Palladean(R), Gator(R), Moo Moo(R), Viking, Buford, Sag, Monty, Micro, Waders, Ralph, SoCrates, Tonka, Tickler(FNG), DukeIntroduction: Welcome and Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, CredoWARM-A-RAMA: 10 Don Quixotes IC15 Chinooks IC20 SSH IC15 Daisy Pickers IC10 Burpees OYOTHE THANG:Mosey to MP Track4 QuartersJog 1/16 mile25 Big Boy Sit-upsJog 1/16 mile25 Heel Touches (2 count=1 rep)Jog 1/16 mile25 SquatsJog 1/16 mile25 MerkinsRun ¼ mileRepeat 4...