AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Geppetto
PAX: SEC, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, French Lick, OneHit, Maestro, Myrtle, Scooter, Downy, Turnbuckle, Mr. Beast, Run Flat, Fun Run, Buick, Carolina Lean, Geppetto
FNGs: None
Introduction and welcome given at 0500 sharp!

It’s great day to be alive!

French Lick gave us the 5 Core
SEC the Mission Statement
YHC our Creedo

Disclaimer given. YHC is no professional nor your doctor

bear hug 10IC
Imperial walkers 10IC
Daisy pickers 10IC
Chinooks 10IC
25 merkins oyo

Rucked up and headed to the track, took our pile of sandbags with us and left them on the field.

First up: 800 meter indian ruck run with baby. Baby starts in the back, last PAX takes her and gets to the front once there throws her down and the last PAX picks her up otw by and then gets to the front. We had 6 minutes to get everyone across the line and did it in 5:15

Next we partnered up and headed to midfield:
The buy in was 10 merkin jacks with ruck on then fireman carry to the endzone with the sandbags where the PAX who carried did 20 LT Dans while the PAX who got carried did 25 sandbag burpees then same PAX fireman carries back. Once there both PAX did 25 manmakers.
When done PAX swapped roles for the fireman carry and went back down for more sandbag burpees and LT Dans!

Went until time was called.

For a bit of a surprise…
Overhead ruck box cutters 23IC
Not a surprise….
Overhead ruck flutter kicks 20IC
A little misery…
American ruck hammer 20IC
“I know where you can put your ruck”…
Seated ruck flutter kicks 10IC

Great job men, it was a true joy to Q and be back at it with all of you!
Brutus’ service today at 11 at Ingleside
Brutus Birthday is Monday, Onehit will be leading a special Q
2.0 event next Saturday at red dawn
RollTide was our 6th man: Prayers for work and home life. For rest and peace in a hard season of life. Thankful for you brother.
Prayers for Brutus’ family
Prayers for Gruel
Praise for Turnbuckle
Pledged it out