AO: ao-moneypit
Q: Buick
PAX: Buick, Buzzard, Downy, Mr. Beast, Mr. Fixit
FNGs: None
Disclaimer – I’m not your q for today but I’m sure the right q will be here shortly…
5 core
Bear hug
Ham stretch
Ham stretch
Copperhead squat (still no sign of original q – yhc commits at this point)
Mosey to the first hill
Bernie up
Jog down
5 burps
Bernie up
Jog down
10 merkins
Bernie up
Jog down
Fire drill
Mosey to dillards

People’s chair
Each pax counts off till we got to 100 giving each pax the option to lead quickly or painfully …
Mossy to the office
Peoples chair
Each pax counts to 50 with the same theme
Balls to the wall for a 10 count
Mosey to the fountain
Merkin 10
Calf raise (thank you @mr fixit)
Derkin 15
Calf raise
Irkin 20
Merkin 15
Bonny Blair
Derkin 20
Bonny Blair
Irkin 25
Mosey to soma lingerie 😘
Peoples chair – pax count to 50
Bear crawl to the grass
Mosey to the other steeper hill on the other side of dillards
Lunge walk up to the light
Jog down
5 burps
Lunge walk up to the light
Jog down
5 burps
Bernie to the flag from the bottom of the hill (that’s a long beeeerrrrnnnn)

Buzzard gave us our first
Down gave us
Sit up with a twist
Plank hi and low till time

New ao coming soon
Lotsa runs – check slack – message @fun run for details

COT: buzzard shared. Choosing to keep this one close to those that were there. Thank you for trusting us to keep praying you through. Praise that buzzard is getting back in the groove.
Yhc shared that like many times before that the intent is to keep my nose in the Bible but even fall short on day two…
Downy – shared about staying focused and praying through being anxious
Thank you men for being there. It was a chilly one