AO: ao-the-pantheon
Q: Peaches
PAX: Dangerfield, Lobos, Papa Roach, Peaches, Spackler
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Disclaimer, FCP’s, Credo, MS ( Q might have stumbled slightly) but off to great start regardless!
WARMUP: 10 SSH’s, 10 BH’s, 10 slow Squats, 10 Severalothershoulder warmup’s and we got to it.
THE THANG: Block/Jog 10 Evolutions. 10 Curls, 10 OHP, 10 KBS’s, 10 Irkins, jog a lap. 9 Curls, 9 OHP’s, 9KBS’s, 9 Derkin’s, jog a lap. You get the idea all the way down to 1 jog a lap. AYG to bottom of a hill where PAX proceeded to leave me in the dust. I thought I saw Spack running beside me but I could have been mistaken. Bernie Sanders up a hill. Jog back to Flag.
MARY: Nope and she was not happy
ANNOUNCEMENTS: A lot of Squat and running nonsense coming up…sounds epic!
COT – 6TH MAN:Papa Roach. Shared about his life, family, and what brings him out. Papa Roach is a joy to be around! FYI don’t race him, Dangerfield or Lobos! Those Boyz can move! Grateful to spend a little time with you Fellas!!
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Health for family ( PR), our community ( Peace), margin in our schedules. Be still and listen…He might be whispering!