AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Szczerbiak
PAX: OneHit, FreeBird, French Lick, NocAHoma, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Szczerbiak, Screech, Bozo, Skidder, Freon
FNGs: None
Introduction, 5CP, Mission, Disclaimer

Runner’s Warmup for balance
100 Ups

Line Up by height and divide into two Platoons.

Red Platoon:
OneHit, FreeBird, French Lick, Skidder, Freon

Blue Platoon:
Screetch, Bozo, Roll Tide, Szczerbiak, Nocahoma

March In Formation / Run In Formation:
YHC would not start the official beatdown until all PAX were in step, we went around the parking lot a couple of times and wound up at the track for:

1988 Basic Military PT Test (Air Force)
We did half the test, which amounted to Running .75 miles in less than 7 Minutes.
25 Merkins on YHC’s down call.
All PAX were fit for service.

The 2 Platoons squared off for a series of challenges. The goal of YHC was to place the PAX in a position to display and hone their leadership skills in stressful, time-sensitive situations. Since OneHit and Roll Tide are the most experienced PAX they were assigned as Platoon leaders. It was their job to assign different PAX to lead the various challenges for their platoons.

Platoon Challenge: Indian Run Race
The whole platoon must cross the finish line to be successful.

The BLUE team won this challenge by about 100 yards.

Platoon Challenge: Military Block Party:
Each Team is to get 20 Coupons from the Coupon Pile and bring them to the opposite endzone. The first platoon to get 20 blocks to the opposite endzone, stacked neatly wins. Platoons may use whatever method desired to get the coupons from the pile to your endzone. Breaking a block is a 20-burpee penalty for your platoon. The platoons were given one minute to develop their plan.

The RED team won this challenge, easily. Some folks were carrying 4 blocks at a time!
MVPs – One Hit, Skidder, Freon, Bozo – All carried more than 2 blocks per trip.

Platoon Challenge: Manmaker Leapfrog Indian Run Race:
Each platoon will move all of their blocks back to the coupon pile by the method of Manmaker, Leapfrog, Indian Run. One man does a manmaker, then the next goes in front of him and does a manmaker, then the next in front of him, etc. All Blocks must be moved in one trip. The first team to have their coupons back wins. The platoons were given 30 seconds to develop their plan.

The RED team, once again, easily won this challenge. They were so far ahead that they took pity on the BLUE team and helped them move their remaining coupons.
MVP – Frebird, for excellent leadership and implementing an effective plan.

Platoon Challenge: Complete the Mission and Don’t Get Caught
A clue was given to each platoon to find a hidden playing card, previously hidden by YHC.
Neither team made it back in the time allotted, but the RED team made it back first taking the win.

YHC had other things planned, but alas, the hour had passed.

11/11 – 1/2 Year Convergence

We gave thanks for how good God has been to us and the mercy he has shown!