AO: ao-downrange
Q: Maestro , Downy
PAX: FreeBird, Vila, Nathan Green, Huffy, Maestro, Downy, Dirty Dawg, Peaches, Sloppy Joe, The poof, Bumble, Amnesia, little mermaid, sporty
FNGs: None
Pretty sure we had 15 but I’m lost for who it was. If any of you other guys know please edit this backblast. I did list the guys with new names in the regular pax list to not muddy the waters of fng stats

It was a brisk 30 degrees not too bad it all. Seemed like everyone was prepared. I did get a stink eye from villa as we did merkins on the cold gravels. He wasn’t wearing gloves 😁. The hardest part was planting the flag but old glory didn’t fail and she stood tall the whole workout.

SSH 20 ic
Imperial walkers 20 ic
Willy mays hays 20 ic
Squat 12 ic
Merkin 20 Ic
Big arm circles 12 ic
Chinooks 12 ic
Overhead seal claps 12 ic
Overhead Moroccan knight clubs 12 ic
Then 100 yard lunge walk up hill to pick Ic tables

THE THANG: merkins 20 derkins 12 ic irkins 20 ic
Rinse and repeat

Bulgarian split squat 10 hard way
Dips 20 ic


Led us down go a pad and we did
10 burpees
4 100’ Bernie sanders
Mosey on down the line where he thought it be funny to make us do bear crawl up the hill bout 75 yards

25 steps ups hard way

Bear crawl down
Mosey back to flag about 150 yards away

MARY: some good mornings

ANNOUNCEMENTS: run in the morning! 0600
COT: huffy was our 6th man. Thanks for sharing!
Prayed for the kids at awake and that we would all be examples

great morning. 2 years ago it was just dirtydawg, peaches, and myself . 4 workouts at Ocoee ridge later and we’re at 15! Good work f3 men