Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Mrytle (RR), Spackler (R), Downy, Tater, Madoff, Ole McDonald (R), Mr. Fix It, Luffa, Scooter, Sub, Szerbiak, Roll Tide

INTRO: Welcome & Disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear Crawl Ring of Fire x 10

THE THANG: College Football schedule
West Virginia Pitt game who won? How many points scored? 69 plank jacks
Bama Utah St game was 55 + 0 = 55 Burpees
How many points did Miami score? 70 – merkins
Colorado and Michigan combined for? 58 calf raises
UTSA and Houston were the 3 OT game of the week – 37 Hand Release Hand Release merkins
South Florida lost to BYU by how many? 29 squats
Deleware beat Navy 14 – 7 – 14 derkins
Boise St lost to Oregon St – 17 big boi sit ups
LSU scored how many points and still lost? 23 leg raises
Penn State beat Perdue with this score? 35 gas pumps
NC State and ECU was a close game with the winning score of? 21 Carolina Dry Docks
Florida’s running back ran for how many yards? 106 Flutter kicks

MARY: Crawl Bear ring of fire for 7 merkins

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
6th man – scooter – thank you
Bob Goff – cuts a hole in one of his pants pockets to remind him not to carry so much stuff.
Announcements – Go Do Iron Pax, challenge yourself, do your best and don’t worry about the outliers. YHC found it helpful in years past to do the routine multiple times in a week. first to breakthrough the mental barrier, 2nd time to find a rhythm, 3rd time to log a time.
Prayer/Praise –
Praise Ole McDonald
Praise Luffa
Prayers Tater
Prayers Scooter
All the kids battling anxiety and depression