Q: Run Flat

PAX: Free Bird
Fun Run
Run Flat

5 Core Principles
F3 Mission Statement

Little Arm Circles (Forward) x15 IC
Little Arm Circles (Reverse) x15 IC
SSH x25 IC
Standing Hamstring Stretch (Left Leg) OYO hold 20 seconds
Standing Hamstring Stretch (Right Leg) OYO hold 20 seconds
Daisey Pickers x15 IC

– We moseyed up to Northside Drive and around to the front parking lot. We then lined up along the curb and grabbed a pole for 25 Johnny Dangers (Calf Raises) IC to warm up these tired legs a little more.

Partner up for fun with Dora…. and suicides!

100 – Merkins
200 – LBC’s
300 – Air Squats
400 – Freddie Mercury’s

3 Cones were placed at 10 yards apart down the car pool lane. While partner 1 hacked away at the reps, partner 2 would sprint to the first cone, do 1 Burpee and return to the line. Sprint to the second cone, do 2 Burpee’s and return to the line. Sprint to the third cone, do 3 Burpee’s and return to the line. Once completed, the partners switch out and share the fun!

Once we were done with Dora we began to mosey. Once on the move I felt like an impromptu Indian Run would be nice, so I called for everyone to form a line and we did an Indian Run for 3 laps. While still on on the move and in a line, I called for Free Bird to take us back to the Flag. Free bird lead us on a nice run under the awning and back around the front parking lot before our final approach to the Flag.


We took turns calling exercises for Mary:

Sherlock = Fingers to Toes – 50 OYO
Sub = American Hammers – 20 IC
Spackler = Heals to Heaven – 30 OYO

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama – Nope. YHC forgot and apparently so did everyone else. I believe the 8 of us did well to make it to The Yard this morning after all of the festivities the extended weekend held for us.

Announcements – Iron PAX Week 1 and props to those who ran the Labor Day 5k or 10k.

Prayer/Praise – Prayers for those traveling back home from Labor Day weekend trips.