Q: Myrtle

PAX: Sub, Free Bird, Spackler, Downy, Fun Run, Run Flat, Bewyak, Myrtle

INTRO: Welcome, disclaimer, five (5) Core Principles and the Mission Statement were given

The requisite Slaughter Starter (x10)
Hillbilly (in cadence x10)
Modified Daisy Picker (in cadence x10)
SSH (in cadence x20)
Big Arm Circles Forward/Backward (in cadence x5)
Set of high knees and butt kicks

Moseyed to the top of of the hill and bear crawled down, then a round of monkey humpers.
Moseyed some more to the wall in front of the school and did a round of wall sits passing a bucket holding a few bricks. We followed that with the Cooper, starting with 10 burpees, 10 squats and 10 merkins followed by a lap around the front parking lot. Reduced by one after each lap until reaching 1.

Bewyak mentioned there was always room for one more set which inspired an add on called Ice Cream (always room for ice cream!) It was a circle of pain (which your YHC accidently called the circle of death), we held a squat position while going around the circle doing 10 merkins. It was so much fun we did a second round. Followed that with a plank-o-rama.

Still working on my time management skills so we only had time for some LBC’s.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Macon Rocks event on August 19th. We need a final headcount by August 12th. The Lucas Kade 5k and the FNG challenge.
Prayer/Praise – Continue praying for Rob Warnock and Peaches.