Q: Free Bird

PAX: 1 New FNG! Sherlock (Jack N.), Fun Run, Spackler (R), Myrtle (RR), Mr. Fix It, Run Flat, Buick, Doogie, Free Bird

INTRO: YHC called 6:15, time to get to work, just to see who was paying attention. 5 core principles, Mission statement, and Creedo were given.

WARM-O-RAMA: Hillbillies x 21 (IC), Big Arm Circles x 11 (IC), Bear Hugs x 11 (IC), Daisy Pickers x 11 (IC), SSH x 25 (IC)

THE THANG: Mosey to Hill for Dora 1,2,3 – partner work with 1 pax Bernie Sanders to top of the hill and jog back while 2nd pax did the exercise, and rotate.
100 – Bobby Hurleys
200 – Merkins
300 – double count Flutter Kicks

Big Arm Circles x 10 (IC)

Mosey to basketball court and circled up for:
Justice League – Pax performed Aqua Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman
Ranger Merkins x 15 OYO
Plank Show – Pax performed series of planks on YHC’s call for high, low, left side, and right side planks

Mosey to circle for 1/2 Dora 1,2,3 – partner work with 1 pax running around the circle while 2nd pax did the exercise, and rotate.
50 – Werkins
100 – Squats
150 – LBCs

Box Cutters x 20 (IC)
X Factors x 20 (IC)
Surprise gift for coming to the party – Slaughter Finisher – 20 burpees OYO

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Iron Pax; Labor Day Road Race – breakfast at Flowmax’s house afterwords, reply to his message in Slack if coming
Prayer/Praise – Thankful for this group of men, prayers for our families, continued prayers for Peaches.