Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Peaches (R), OneHit, Downy, Myrtle (RR), French Lick, Buick, Fun Run, Spackler, Sub, Madoff, Run Flat, FreeBird, Szczerbiak

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement

With the Labor Day Road Race upcoming I see a lot of people running down Vineville Ave so
today we worked on running form.

Modified Albatross Wings – BAC, LAC, Chinooks, Moroccan, Night Clubs, held ’em out while YHC explained todays BD.

(Wienke had lots more, but it was too wet and stuck together to read)

Build a base:
When training for a running event it is important to build a base – so build it we did. We moseyed around the parking lot, then out the main gate and down Northside drive for just under 2 miles round trip. Included Hill training.

After returning to the top lot we met at a wall for wall sprints. This drill is designed to train your body to lean forward and run on your toes. 2 minutes, then back out to the lot for Indian run form work:

High Knee Skips / Power Skips (3 laps)
Last man performs Burpee

High Knees / Bounding (2 laps)

Stopped at the Entry Hill for what I called “Duck Hunt”
Consisted of 2 rounds of Duck walking up the hill (Merkins at top / Squats at Bottom)

YHC felt the clock ticking and wanted to include part of his first F3 workout:
Moseyed to the Playground for 4 Corners
15 Diamond Dips (hands close together)
15 Squats
15 Wax on wax off merkins
15 Lunges (each leg)

100 yard sprint

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements – It’s time to sign up for The Iron PAX challenge – see 1F channel or backblast above for sign up link.

Fund raiser for Sub’s friend tonight at Ocmulgee Brew Pub – 15% of your purchase goes to help pay for dental school (can someone help with the name?)

Prayer/Praise –
Peaches – wisdom for doctors and a clear direction. Szczerbiak’s Wife with headaches.
Thankful for F3 and the friends I’ve made here.