Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Sparkler, Free Bird, Downy

INTRO: Land Nav smackdown. Just the name was scary after the beatdown yesterday. YHC desired to mix it up and try a new path. We included an iPhone compass and some pre workout googling to determine the last 6 states to enter the union.


Daisy Pickers x 7 ic
Trunk rotation x 7 ic
OHD claps x 7 ic
Copperhead squats x 7 ic


Land Nav. – What do we do if our neighborhood or workplace comes under siege. Do we have an escape plan? What would that even look like?

We planked while talking about 360 degrees of compass readings and guess the first point which was land nav to the pavilion from the flag.

Downy guess within 5 degrees which rattled YHC this may not be as painful as initially thought but we made progress.

Pavilion 5 4ct merkins

Shoot the point to flag – we were off 125 degrees on this point = 125 moroccan night clubs
Shoot the point to the orange cone – we were 35 degrees off which led to 35 monkey humpers.
Shoot the point back to the flag – we were off 20 degrees and did 20 alligator merkins.
Talk about the 50th state added to the union – Hawaii – 5 burpees
Shoot the point back to the pavilion – off again 15 werkins
Shoot the point back to the flag – off again more squats
shoot the point to the cone off again 25 monkey humpers
The pain of correction helped our memory and points started to come easier. For each point we got right we did 5 burpees.

At some point we started adding in the other 5 of the last 6 states to be added to the union. Utah came in at 45 which led to 45 merkins
Alaska came in at 49 which led to 49 LBC
Oklahoma came in at 46 which led to 46 bronco zebra kicks
New Mexico came in at 47 which led to 47 flutter kicks
Some how Arizona got the short straw and only ended up with 20 hello dolly

Final exam – what point is the pod in the other parking lot at? Sparkler guessed dead on at 245 degrees. That got us 5 burpees.

The school lies at 430 feet of elevation above sea level.

In case of emergency do not use main roads rather use your own path.
Draw a map using tress and shrubs as markers.
We don’t plan to fail but fail to plan and then are surprised by the outcome.
North South East and West

This morning was painful and the struggle was real. It was also a great reminder of how to navigate. Pick a point and move. If you are off it won’t take long for it show up. The point is start moving.

Congrats to the men of F3Forsyth for 1 year of ops.. They set a hard date on the calendar and did not deviate and look at them now! If you have not helped plant an AO or region get in on it next time. It is amazing to see how it works!

Downy – prayers for guidance in relationship
Roll Tide – Praise for how different this year looked compared to last year on the 4th of July