Q: Myrtle

PAX: Spackler, Lobos, Billy Jean, Free Bird, Double Check, Myrtle, Sonic (FNG), Cubbie (FNG).

We had our welcome and disclaimer statement. Covered the five core principles and the mission statement. Gave a big shout out to Double Check for bringing two FNG’s to the Yard this morning.

Toe touches 15 IC
Daisy Pickers 15 IC
Side Lunges 10 each side IC
Bear Hub 10 IC
Big Arm Circles 10 IC
Reverse Big Arm Circles 10 IC

We moseyed from the flag up to the road and back around to the front of the school where we did a variation of Chicken Peckers doing 10 Merkins instead of shoulder touches.

Next moseyed to the basketball court for five sets of BOPO (Burpee, One-legged Burpee left leg, five plank jacks, then One-legged Burpee right leg) to warm up for the next set of Burpees!

We then did an OYO Seven of Diamonds workout. Each exercise was done at each base.
1. Seven Burpees
2. 14 Flutter Kicks
3. 21 Merkins
4. 28 Squats
5. 21 SSH
6. 14 Plank Jacks
7. Seven Bonnie Blairs
We didn’t all quite finish before we needed to head to Mary, but a valiant effort by all.

Moseyed to Mary and finished off the day with:
30 IC two-count American Hammers
30 OYO LBC’s
15 OYO Left Side Crunch
15 OYO Right Side Crunch

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Prayers for the baseball tournament in Madison. Wisdom for Cubbie in his conversations with his son.