Q: Maestro

PAX: Splash, Squash, Myrtle (respect x2) peaches (respect), Spackler (respect), roll tide, Szcerbiack (respect)

INTRO:YHC is a little embarrassed I botched the disclaimer. FYI I am not a professional. The respects were well represented today as the the yard got underway. Peaches and zerb had an argument about who would give the 5 core principles. YHC focus was to keep everyone moving this morning and I do believe that was achieved. Myrtle our FNG yesterday showed out as he hit his 2nd beatdown. I was missing a couple friends that said they would be there. They both owe me two workouts!

Got started with :
20 ssh
Mosey around
12 merkins ic
Mosey around
20 imperial walkers

Mosey to the hill

5 rounds of:
Hill sprints with 10 smurph jacks at the bottom


Mosey to the play ground
For a round of partner work

Focus on doing everything right
Run out the clock situation

210 flutter kicks double count
210 merkins
210 SSH
210 squats

Partner runs to opposite end to perform 5 pull-ups or dips (x3 per missed pull-up)

We got a full Mary in as God intended:
Flutter kicks 20 ic
LBCs 29 ic
Dying cockroach 20 ic
Hello Dolly 16 ic

Pax were encouraged to keep their feet up

COT: YHC gave encouragement to do exercises correct and then the reps will increase
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – you know!
Prayer/Praise –
Roll tide was our 6th man – Love you brother