Q: Spackler

PAX: Myrtle (RR), Pony Express (RR), Zerb (R), Luffa (R), Roll Tide, Free Bird, Madoff, Maestro, Tater Salad, French Lick, Buick, One Hit, Mr. Fix It, Fun Run and Downy.

Warm up- disclaimer and 5 principles
15 Imperial Walkers
15 Daisy Pickers
25 merkins
10 bear hugs
15 big arm circles

Mosey around and found a picnic table. Thought it would be a good idea for a circle of pain and do AMRAP of dips for two rounds. Planked for the first round and Al Gore for the second round

The Thang

Four Corners
1st station – Burpees
2nd station- Squats
3rd station- BBSU
4th station – Shoulder Taps
We started at 5 reps and increased by 5 each round. Got 5-6 rounds in before time was called


15 flutter kicks
15 heals to heaven

Announcements- Murph on Monday at 7a at The Institution- Ruck before hand at 6a
Prayer/praise- for those looking for new opportunities or starting a new phase in life. For all those going through a tough season

Madoff was the 6th man. Thanks for sharing and good to see you back!