Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Maestro, One Hit, Szerbiak, Squash, Splash, Fun Run, Madoff, French Lick, Mr. Fix It

INTRO: 30 seconds to time to start the Pax were warned to stretch now, but stretching cold increases the chance of injury.

THE THANG: 0700 hard start. YHC has always wanted to use the color map of the United States that lay on the concrete in the parking lot. This morning we did just that. We added a 0 to the original 13 colonies. While in random order the line up looked like so. Twice we got one wrong and paid a 10 burpee penalty:

Virginia – 10 pull ups
New Jersey – 20 crab toe touches (2 ct)
New York – 30 squats
New Hampshire – 40 Derkins
Rhode Island – 50 zebra kicks
North Carolina – 60 werkins
South Carolina – 70 V ups
Massachusetts – 80 Merkins
Maryland – 90 calf raises
Deleware – 100 SSH
Pennsylvania – 110 LBC
Connecticut – 120 toe touches
Georgia – 130 Flutter kicks (2 ct)

The pax guessed correctly Georgia first and were long in the face thinking about the rather large rep count. The guess kept coming with the biggest numbers done early in the beatdown. As promised once all 13 colonies were named we did a warm up.

Cotton picker x 13 ic
Trunk rotations x 12 ic
Turkish get ups x 13
Short mosey to finish out the time.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
6th Man – One Hit
Announcements – Manion WOD Saturday
Prayer/Praise – French lick and Szerbiak praises. Prayers for Fun Run’s friend.