Q: Maestro

PAX: Loofa(respect), Buick, pony (respectx2), Spackler(respect), Szcerbiack (respect), Roll tide, Fun Run,

Tuesdays yard is shaping up to be a solid workout group. I’m excited to see the men there connect and get stronger together.

welcome to the yard.
I gave a disclaimer and off we went with a mosey.

WARM-O-RAMA: mosey around the loop
Hillbillies 12 ic
Mosey around the loop
Imperial walkers ic 12
Mosey around the loop and the. To the pavilion


10 burpees
25 dips
3 rounds

Buick called my playlist gay so it was a 10 burpee penalty

15 derkins
25 squats
3 rounds

20 merkins
25 step ups
3 rounds

Mosey to bottom lot

After every exercise we did an AYG to the other end of the lot including a small hill
SSH 30 ic
Plank jack 30 ic
Smurf jacks 10 ic
Tempo Merkin ic 10
One more I cannot recall

Freddie Mercury 20 ic
Flutter kick 20 ic
Dying cockroache 20 ic
Heels to heaven 10 oyo


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – worship service this Friday at the pavilion of the the wilderness!
Get on slack, there’s a mile challenge going on. Are you watching or doing?
Prayer/Praise – lots of good stuff in the circle this morning.