Q: Tater

PAX: FunRun, Roll Tide, Loofa (R), Pony Express (RR), Spackler (R), Maestro

INTRO: welcome, disclaimer, 5 Ps, and safety brief

Grady corn
In and outs
Smurf jacks

Mosey (regular and switch to prisoner run)


One for All
1. Line up in plank line vertically from head to toe
Last man pull sand bag through legs to feet of pax ahead. Next pax pulls bag through and continues to end of line.
2. Rotate left 90 degrees then pull through right to left then. Once at end pull through left to right
Every time pax does a bag pull through complete 5 merkins
4. Once enough reps complete pax roll to six. Do 1 BB with sandbag and 4 hammers pass it down rinse and repeat

The Loop (4 laps big to small).. Complete 5 exercises and run loop. Loop lap gets longer each round.
1 – 5 pull ups
2 – 10 leg ups
3 – 10 8ct body builders
4 – 15 hillbilly squats
5 – 15 prime time merkins
Completed 3 rounds do to time

Oblique blasters
Morrocan late night clubs (flutters, lbcs, dollys)
– on your six with arms stretched out for all 3 exercises.

COT: Loofa praise for AP Green coming home for recovery, Maestro safe travels for some R&R with family.
Announcements – 2.0 event Saturday April 2 at the Institution