Q: Maestro

PAX: Pony express( respect x2), loofa (respect), Mr. Fixit, Hacker, funrun, Splash, Polaroid, Spackler

INTRO:there was a disclaimer, a q introduction, and a reciting of the f3 mission

WARM-O-RAMA:put me in coach ic 10 each arm, and then flash back to the 80’s . First up was danger zone with SSH and squats at “danger zone, and then Thunderstruck Holding plank with a merkin at the word “thunder” basically 9 min of Torture

Remembering our pull up challenge we all hit the bars first doing a minimum 10 pull-ups
Then back to the circle

5 burbees oyo
5 burpees oyo
American Hammer ic 20
Heels to a Heaven oyo 15
Dolly ic 20
V-ups oyo 15

5 burpees oyo
5 burpees oyo
Dying cockroach ic 20
Ww2 sit up oyo 15
Heel touch ic 20
LBC ic 20

After a recommendation from Fixit a Bernie sanders was in order

Mosey to exit hill and Bernie sanders with 7’s
Bernie to the top 7 squats then complete 6 more sets descending squats by one each time

MARY: all we could give Mary was an AYG sprint from the cross walk to the light pole (75 yards)

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 coming up,
Skeet shoot coming up
Newsletter next week,
Keep pushing those pull-ups!

Prayer/Praise – John Paul on his treatment for meningitis,
Mr. Peed and Peed family as they travel

Remember it’s not about finishing. It’s about doing our workout and exercises with maximum efficiency by Just working the best you know how and not cheating yourself.

Thankful for you men.