Q: Bewyack

PAX: Hoser
Fun run

Mosey to coupons in the back of Yhc truck – such a great feeling to let down the tailgate and reveal the coupons and hear everyone exclaim “sweet we finally have coupons at the yard!! Today is gonna be amazing!”
As we grabbed the coupons and headed off Fud arrived on two wheels but quickly found the coupons and caught up to us.
Cusack to the top of the hill- number off
Partner work

Bear crawl down the hill lunge walk back up while partner does man makers or burpees for a cumulative of 100
Dodged the trash truck coming in

Farmer carry to bottom

Fun run gave us our 5 core

Murder bunny half way then lunge walk with the coupon while the partner does kettle bell swings till we hit 100

Myrtle gave us our mission statement

Then we will do sprints
Suicidish style
Halfway and back then full court and back while the partner does 200 merkins


Circle up for colt 45’s times 2 plus 10 more curls to get us to 100

Farmer carry to put the coupons back

No time for Mary

Yhc completely spaced on the counting and naming but we did have a good time of talking and sharing what’s going on and lifting up concerns about our lives.

Prayed – hoser step son starting new school
Fud – navigating home purchase
Bewyack – m taking her boards


Good work men