Q: Bewyack

PAX: Tater salad
One z
Fun run
Run flat
Mr fixit
Free bird

Disclaimer – get your emergency contacts filled out!

Burpee salad

Burpees 5
Who was there yesterday? I will never get tired of listening to one hit lead. Does everyone realize why we are ultimately here? Not spiritually but fundamentally? To lead …
Burpees 10
5 core – Sherlock
Burpees 15
Mission – tater salad
Burpees 10
Credo – precious
Yhc asked how many burpees we had done and run flat quickly gave us the correct answer
Correct 5
Incorrect 20 – we didn’t have to do these 🙂 but we did …
Burpee – 5 for a total of 50

Moseyed to the corner parking spot

Bear crawl from the corner parking spot to the road
Lunge walk down to the flag
Bernie back to the road
Mosey up and around to the carpool
Plank to the six

Indian run – person in the back has to do 5 donkey kicks before sprinting to the front- quick little time to talk about what we had just done – each and every pax had just had a short time to … lead!
Fun run gave a short advertisement about stepping up to take the q
Run flat has already put together a q for anyone that wants ideas – Yhc in desperate need of a more creative beat down is all I heard?

Merkin special

Merkin 30
Bear hug
Werkin 30
Bear hug
Diamond merkin 10
Bear hug
Merkins on knuckles 10 – I think I heard a little grumbling amongst my own grumbling? Kinda made me feel good
Bear hug
Shoulder tap 30
Bear hug

Indian run for 3 laps

Asked precious for a Mary exercise to which he called plank – Yhc quickly took over the time on this one so we planked for 1 min
Sent back to precious for another Mary exercise and he called
20 gas pumps
Tater called for Moroccan night club lbc ic
30 lbc oyo


Announcement- get on slack – quit slackin- Slackin does nothing for anyone – get on slack

Prayed for fixits dad and for f3 middle ga