Q: Spackler

PAX: Fun Run, Downey and Spackler

INTRO: This was the maidan voyage for the Wednesday ruck at The Yard. Beautiful morning about 67 degrees with a slight breeze from the North West. We did 3.04 miles at a 17.10 pace. Went over the disclaimer, 5 CP, the Mission Statement and the Credo and got to it


THE THANG: We rucked. Good discussion along the way about Daybreak and the Mens Hike. Downey was impressed that there were actual neighborhoods along the route and not just some dead end streets.

MARY: Nope

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Daybreak Sleepout tomorrow night, Cantrell 5k on Saturday, Macon Mayhem F2 event in March. Grow Ruck and the Convergence
Prayer/Praise – Gratitude for all our blessings. Prayer for Fun Run’s son who has strep and a fever and safe travels for Downey for this upcoming weekend.
Good work men!