Q: Tater Salad

PAX: IKEA, Myrtle, Maestro, Run Flat, Roll Tide, OneHit, buzzard, free bird, baby daddy, piggy back, Spackler, fun run, Mr. fixit it, Buyack

INTRO: standard. Luckily 5:15 some when it did because the gloom mumble chatter was going south…..literally😁.

Daisy Pickers
Laney Lu Plank and Merk
(v-up hold 10 IC, roll left to low plank hold 10x IC then 1 merkin.  2 rounds
SSACs (side plank Left 10 side crunches, 10 LBCs, side plank right 10 side crunches, 15 Merkins) 1 round

Mosey to garbage lot

40/15 Tabata
P1 hold balls to wall
P2 AMRAP exercise
Flap jack partners after each 40 sec
hand release merkins
Squat pulses
Floyd mayweathers
Ballerina squats
Alternating star crunch

Mosey to straight away

The longest mile 4 rounds
* 10 burpees
* 100-meter run
* 10 merkins
* 100-meter run
* 10 Big Boys
* 100-meter run
* 10 squats
* 100-meter run

Straight leg LBCs
Bay city scissors

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – daybreak sleep out next week and morning beat down.
Prayer/Praise – Prayers of movement for men’s Hike guides and participants to partake in the opportunity. Prayers of healing OneHits father in-law who took a sill and injured his shoulder pretty bad. Prayers of patience, kindness and joy for Fix It as he navigates the transition into a new household.

I enjoyed every minute of it this morning fellas. i actually had to remind myself after the first call of cadence that we “get” to do this and snap out of the morning grumble. Having the opportunity whether it be time, location, connections, and most importantly physical ability to be in the gloom several times a week and for some everyday is truly a blessing. Our attitude towards all that we do can make a huge difference in the outcome. Love you guys and SYITG always.