Q: Freebird

PAX: Fun Run, Precious, Buick, Freebird

INTRO:Several disruptions to the norm in the gloom this morning. YHC pulled up to The Yard to see several unfamiliar vehicles and his spirit was lifted thinking we may have some new Pax join us today. But alas, a group of students were apparently headed on an overnight field trip with the school. This got YHC reminiscing about his 5th grade trip to Washington DC while at Springdale.
5 core principles, mission statement, and creed were all recited.
Then came the buses pulling into our parking circle so YHC called an audible and we took off to the basketball court.

WARM-O-RAMA:Tie Fighters, Bear Hugs, Don Quixotes, SSH, Merkin Jacks, and Copper Head Squats.
All exercises done IC x 18. Kudos to Fun Run for guessing the significance of the number 18 prior to the end of the warm-o-rama. 18 is a tribute to the M for putting up YHC for 18 years of marriage.

Time for some partner work on Valentine’s Day.
Partner 1 – AMRAP pull ups while Partner 2 – superman hold (3 rounds). At some point during this routine, Buick lost his wedding ring but was thankfully able to recover it fairly quickly.

Dora 1,2,3
100 – Burpees, 200 – Monkey Humpers, 300 – Flutter Kicks
Partner 1 did exercise while Partner 2 made his way around the basketball court in a mosey, left shuffle, bernie sanders, right shuffle pattern back to his partner and rotated. To entertain the PAX while we worked, YHC put on a 12+ minute version of Free Bird for everyone’s listening pleasure. Maybe not a great choice as a Valentine’s melody, but why not.

Another round of AMRAP pull ups, all together now.

Next we found the picnic tables and proceeded with dips, derkins, dips, and irkins. All exercises OYO x 18.

Circled up for Mary on the basketball court as the buses remained at the flag lot.
Gas Pumps, Little Mermaids, Heel Touches, Hello Dollys, 6″. Exercises done IC x 18.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Sleep Out, get on Slack for all F3 info, congrats to men of Forsyth for opening a new AO and the solid growth in that area.
Prayer/Praise – Praise for Hollie passing boards, prayer for our families, prayer for the men in Macon and our desire get more men involved and finding community.
Mosey back to flag for the pledge and one final disruption as Precious’ keys and phone were missing. Fortunately, someone from the field trip group had picked them up and placed them in a flower pot at the front door assuming they were misplaced and we found them. All’s Good.