Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Spackler(respect), Peaches(respect), One Hit, Roll Tide, Tater, Fun Run, Splash, Zerbiak(respect), Maestro

INTRO: The Q was the last one there which is not ideal but I pulled up with a minute to spare and we went straight to work. A humid, sticky, December morning in Middle Ga. had the sweat flowing freely.

SSH – 25 IC
Mucho Chesto – 15 werkins IC, 10 merkins IC, and 5 diamond merkins IC
Twinkle Toes – 15 IC
Opollo Anton Ohno – 15 IC
Squat – 15 IC
Tie Fighters – 10 each leg IC
Shoulder Taps – 15 IC
Trunk Rotation – 10 each way IC

Moseyed one lap around lot and over to pavilion for
5 pull-ups, 15 dips, 25 merkins and then a run down and back on b ball court(3 rounds)
Moseyed around the corner and found a curb for:
Rocky Balboa – 1 minute
Calf Raises – 15 IC
Curb Albert – 15 IC
Lunged roughly 25 yards headed for a hill where we did 3 rounds of:
The sprint to the top and increasing plank jacks at the bottom

Hillbilly – 20 IC
Gas Pump – 20 IC
Freddy Mercury – 20 IC
American Hammer – 20 IC
LBC – 20 IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Mr. Fixits New Year’s Day beat down will be a doozy. Don’t let the late night keep you in the bed Saturday morning. You don’t want to miss the feeling you will experience upon completion.
Prayer/Praise – Thank you Lord for the men of F3 and an awesome holiday season