Q: Dill

PAX: Dirty Dawg
Roll Tide
Fun Run
Myrtle (RR)

Welcome, Disclaimer, Credo, 5 core principles, Mission Statement


Copperhead Squat 20 IC
Imperial Walker 15 IC
Daisy Picker 10 IC
Bear hug 10IC
Chinook 10 IC
Seal Clap 10 IC
Peter Parker 10IC

The Thang:
4 Corners- Escalator style starting at 10 reps each corner

1- Hand Release Merkins
2- Jump Squats
3- Rockette Dips
4-Bonnie Blairs (The Hard way)

Pax had 2 modes of transportation between corners…..bear crawl and/or lunge walk

Also, since YHC brought a few PAX from the foxhole, each pax were allowed to yell “foxhole” one time which entailed a run to the shovel flag and back. A lot of mumble chatter was had at Bewyak’s expense.


PAX Choice
Fun Run – Flutter Kicks 21 IC
Ralph- 1min plank
Flutter kicks 21 IC
1min plank
Peter Parker 10 IC

Count-a Rama, Name-o-Rama
Announcements: Polar Plunge Jan 2nd, AO- The Pound opening Jan. 2nd, Yard T-Shirts presale (cutoff Jan 3rd)

Praise: Christmas was great for pax, Dill’s grandparents celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Prayer: Ralph’s Grandpa-in-law has cancer, hospice has been called in

6th man: Dirty Dawg shared that he comes to F3 for the fellowship, specifically the humor in the mumble chatter, and for the accountability with fitness. “I do F3, because WE do F3” powerful quote and speaks to our F3 credo.