Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: One Hit, Splash, Fun Run, Maestro, Peaches, Tattnall, Mr. Fix It,

Bone chilling morning, but YHC came bearing gifts for the PAX like that jolly old elf.

Bear Hugs 15IC
Cotton Pickers 10IC
Windmills 15IC
Moroccan Night Clubs (for Splash) 15IC
SSH (15IC)

Mosey around the lot to the basketball court and settled in for a little pick up game of “Shoots and Ladders” YHC setup 5 cones on the court: (1) near the rim, (1) at the free throw line, (1) 3 pointer at top of the key, (1) half court, and (1) baseline, each with hidden gifts for the PAX.

The gifts were as follows: (PAX getting the gifts)
Near Rim: 10 Burpees (Maestro)
Free throw: 2 Suicides (Splash, Fun Run)
Top of Key: 10 Bob Hurley’s (Peaches, YHC)
Half Court: 15 Merkins (One Hit, Mr. Fix It)
Baseline: 25 SSH (Tattnall, Maestro)

Each PAX took a shot of their choice, revealing the gift below. If the PAX missed the shot, we all ran 2 laps around the court, then we all did the exercise. If the PAX made the shot, we all did the exercise. (Maestro was the only to make the shot)

Total laps around the court: 19 (we did 3 as a warmup before settling in)

YHC was not done giving gifts.

Mosey to the 4 square arena for F3 4 Square B.O.M.B.S.
Divided into 2 teams – It is always good to volunteer!
Volunteers play a round of 4 Square while Voluntolds start on the BOMBS then swap (who is playing 4 square) after each letter is complete:

B – Burpees (100 for the Voluntolds) – Swap-
O – Overhead Claps (200 for the Volunteers) – Swap-
M – Merkins (200 for the Voluntolds) – Swap –
B – Bob Harley’s (200 for the Volunteers) – Swap –
S – SSH (200 for All)

(Plenty of Mumble Chatter from the Voluntolds while the Volunteers were doing Overhead Claps).

Mosey to Mary

LBC – 30 OYO
Plank – 30 Seconds

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Fun Run’s Son making progress and and family friends struggling, One Hit – a new man arrived at about face, Peaches mom – struggling with Bronchitis and grief.

Enjoyed it Fellas –