Q: Bewyack

PAX: Free bird
Fun run
Run flat
Roll tide

5 core

Don Quixote
Daisy pickers
Burpees x 5
Copperhead squat ic
Burpees x 5
Copperhead squat ic
Burpees x 10
Copperhead squat ic
Take a lap
This is where it got lively and bewyack began to celebrate as he heard runflat start to dry heave
Burpees x 10
Merkins x 20
Take a lap
Merkins x 20
Sprints down
Fire drill
Sprints back
Fire drill
And then the Merlot came a splashin!!! Got heeem!!!

Mosey every 2 min stop for fire drill x 5 x 3
End up at the wall
Dirty hook up x 20
Fire drill
Wall sit for one min
Fire drill
Wall sit while pass the ruck sack

Mosey to the pickup line for mike 7’s
Mike Tyson’s
Bobby hurleys
Run between

Mosey to Mary


Low plank for one min


1776 games in July
Roll tide encouraged us to get out of the 5k world and expand our thinking to marathon and ultra races
Christmas Eve eve service tomorrow morning following the ruck from about face to same shopping center as fresh market and orange theory. Follow the group and they will show you where to end up.
Drop some f3 cards off with some sad clowns at orange theory. Not kidding

Praise that peaches is getting his surgery done on January 23. Praise that he is confident in dr bolan. Praise that we know that Jehovah Rapha is the ultimate physician here and we are all trusting that peaches will be Qing by the fall of 2023!!! No pressure, peaches 🙂

Praise that pastor Andy Johnson is moving along nicely through his recovery from his surgery. The drs removed the tumor and are now making sure the cancer has not affected his lymph nodes.

Took a page out of roll tides book and sat in the tension for a min then like the apostle Peter…”having nothing to say – I said…” did y’all ever think we would get outta bed to work out at 5 am with a bunch of dudes – this lead to some good chatter and ultimately lead to roll tide asking us to keep him and his family in prayer as they continue to work through expanding their family.

Pray for all of us HIM – we were reminded by freebird this morning that it can be taxing to remember that our real job/opportunity is to pick up the 6 especially at home. It’s just what we do, but often we find our attitudes pushing us to pout and wanna be sour. This is the time of the year especially that our m’s will need us most to help them understand that we really are in it with them in sickness and in health.

Pray for the employees at runflats office. Pray they quit stealing and will be greatful for the job they have and the employer runflat and his team are. Pray that runflat can find some folks to replace the sorry sad clowns that gotta go.

Pray for Marshall – day 2 of 103 fever…