Q: Maestro

PAX: Tatnall Respect, zerbiak respect, Spackler Respect, Spalsh

INTRO: disclaimer: we all modify no shame in it fellas. We are here to push ourselves. So where were you at 6 months ago? Are you pushing yourself harder than that? Do you find that the exercises are harder/easier. You know what to expect out in the gloom make sure you modify up or down depending on you. Push yourselves you’ll never get this day back – make the most of it.

The burbee 10 oyo
Hillbillies ic 10 oyo
Cotton Pickers 10 oyo
Imperial walker 10 oyo
Maestro round
Mosey around top lot the. Find the picnic tables for a round of “show and tell”
Each pax one at a time goes to picnic table and AMRAP derkins. 30 sec rest and then AMRAP Derkins one step lower. The other pax does an exercise of the pax doing the merkins choice
Alternate exercises were:
Flutter kicks
Big Boy sit ups
Gas Pumps

Szerbiak round led us in 2 rounds of Basket ball court suicides

Tatnall found led us in a mini Murph
50 pull-ups
100 Merkins
150 squats

Spackler round
Flutter kicks 15
LBC’s 15
Big Boy sit ups 15
Gas Pumps 20
Low Plank 1 min

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Christmas for family, Christmas Eve ruck and prayer/worship
Prayer/Praise – peaches in KY, Splash’s grandfather