Q: Downy

PAX: Downy, Sand Castle, One Hit, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, Bewyack, IKEA, Fun Run, Myrtle (RR), Spackler (R), Roll Tide, Run Flat

INTRO: Five Core Principles, apropos of the lovely warm misty weather
Disclaimer: Springdale & Downy aren’t responsible for any injuries or wet shirts, butts, feet, etc.

WARM-O-RAMA: Shoulder Burner – Big Arm Circles (Reverse) (x12 IC)
Little Arm Circles (Reverse) (x12 IC)
Moroccan Night Clubs (x10 IC)

50 Merkins OYO

Circle of Monkey Humper in the Rain
Starting IC, Q called ‘look up’, and you really tried not to make eye contact. (2 PAX had 20 squats as reward)

Mosey around track to blacktop

THE THANG: Dora 123, with 2x Burpee EMOM for 20 min.
Partner 1: run across blacktop and back
Partner 2: starting exercises:
-100 Pull-ups
-200 Step-ups
-300 Squats

Fire Drill with Merkin on each PAX’s ‘down’ call

Mosey on back to Mary


Leg Raises (x20 IC)
26 Sit-Throughs (Roll Tide pointed out that we needed an even number)
J-Lo’s (x30 IC)
25 Big-Boi Sit-ups
Hands Back Leg Raise of Pain (x25 IC, courtesy of Bewyuck,)

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Hoody (hoodiless) Beatdown Monday at Red Dawn. Collecting donated hoodies for Crossroads guys
Prayer/Praise – One Hit’s wife and her work, Spackler’s mother battling triple threat flu’s and COVID, Buick’s son & daughter fighting illness this week. Safe travels and health for everyone’s friends and family who are going to be traveling over the next week and doing obligations/errands around Christmas.