Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Maestro, Baskin, Dill, Free Bird, Spackler (R), Downy, Scooter, Szerbiack (R), Fun Run, Mr. Fix It, Run Flat, Buick, Sherlock, Sub, Roll Tide

INTRO: We started with a taste of Mary:

Flutter Kicks x 25 ic
LBC x 25 ic
Box Cutter x 10 ic
6″ for a period of time

Dill covered our core principles and we moseyed over to the front of the school.
Jacobs ladder with Merkins
21 down to 1 (that’d be 231 merkins total)
bear crawl between cones 1 and 3 in between.
Mosey laps when finished

We then circled up for a long plank that included some time spent on 1 arm then the other.
J Lo x 25 ic
Little arm circles x 12 ic
Chinooks x 12 ic
Behind the back arm circles x 13 ic

Mosey back to the flag

Sit in your easy chair for an extended period of time with several variations recline and leg position. After a few minutes of that we:

Toe touches x 12 ic
Crab jacks x 8 ic

Maestro was our 6th man. You get out what you put in.
Praises – Dill – Foxhole is expanding!!!
One Hit – Good install on AC unit and thanks for donations that came in to CR.
YHC – the number of men posting and the leadership of F3Macon for making this special
Prayers – Mens hike
Buick – shoulder
That we would all be willing to sit with the tension a little longer.