Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Szerbiack, Myrtle (RR), Mr. Fix It, Spackler (R), Downy, Free Bird, Fun Run, Buick, Roll Tide

7 merkin emom throughout the workout.
SSH x 12 ic
Daisy Pickers x 10 ic
Chinooks x 10 ic

Crab walk to the poles and then mosey to pavilion
DORA 1.5 2.5 3.5
150 pull ups
250 star jacks
350 LBC
P1 does the work while P2 runs out and back

Mosey over to hill crab walk up and reverse bear crawl up 1 time each
COP – Monkey wave x 7
COP – Mexican Jumping Beans x 7 ic

Mosey to Mary
Mountain Climbers x 10 ic
J Lo x 15 ic
Leg raises x 10 ic
toe touches x 10 ic

6th Man – Fun Run – Thank you
Myrtle – Praise for Thanksgiving with Family
Mr. Fix It – Praise for relationships in his life
Free Bird – Praise for Thanksgiving with Family
Buick – Praise for successful men’s hike
YHC – Prayer to not be so critical